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Your Guide for Split-Body Workouts is Here!

Welcome to the workout page for Splitbodyworkoutscom. It’s simple to get started. Just choose your workouts and get going. Everything is already written for you – just follow along.

The workouts are created to get you the best ‘pump’ for whatever bodypart you want to focus on!


Dynamic Warmup #1
Dynamic Warmup #2
Dynamic Warmup #3
Dynamic Warmup #4
Dynamic Warmup #5


Back, Chest & Shoulders Workout
Back/Tricieps Workout
Bi’s/ Tri’s/ Core
Calves/ Abs/ Lower Back/ Stretch
Chest, Back, Abs
Chest,Shoulders Triceps ABS
Killer Arms Workout
Killer Leg Workout
Leg Toning Workout
Leg Workouts #1
Leg Workouts #2
Legs, Glutes
Legs/Abs Workout
Shoulders & Abs
Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps
Shoulders/Traps Workout
Strength Legs